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What is an upgrade?
Candidates may choose to optionally purchase an upgrade stamp. This is displayed at the top of your resume and lets employers know that you are a more serious candidate.

Let Employers Know You are Really Interested
Employers receive an enormous number of applications, many from very qualified candidates. But not all of those candidates are really serious about working at this job. Employers are much more likely to pursue candidates who have demonstrated a legitimate interest in their job.

Puts you at the top of the employers candidate list
Employers are given lists of candidates who have applied to their jobs. Candidates who have upgraded their applications will be viewed at the top of this list. And it's always good to be at the top.

Put your application into the hands of the employer
If the employer has not requested your name or contact information, this means they haven't seen your resume. Maybe they aren't hiring or maybe they already received a large number of candidates. But don't give up, we can still help get your application in front of the employer. Upgrade your application and we will deliver your full strongwork profile and contact information to the jobpost's employer.

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