How it Works

Strongwork is a service that connects healthcare professionals with employers.

1. Search

Search for jobs in your specialty in your desired work location. Strongwork will show you all jobs, not just the jobs that are being advertised.


2. Filter and Apply

Use our custom resume builder to create a sleek, professional resume in minutes. You will only need to do this once. Your information is private and will only be shared with the employers of the jobs to which you apply.


3. Manage Your Applications

Use our custom application manager to organize all of your applications in one place.


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There is no cost to register, build a resume, search our database, create bookmarks, or apply to jobs.

When you apply to a job, the employer of that job is given some basic information about you. They may purchase your full profile and contact information for $5. This is a very low fee and is much lower than the cost of traditional advertising, recruiting dinners, and booths at conventions.

However, some employers, particularly those for jobs in high demand, may choose not to purchase your full application. Strongwork will allow you to upgrade your application to these jobs for $5. Upgrading will not only deliver your full resume to the employer but also show them that you are a serious candidate! Learn More About Upgrading